laptop screen replacement northridge

Laptop screen replacement Northridge

We have most laptop screens available to replace the same day

all our laptop screen come with 30 days warranty on defects.

The most populars 13.3 14.1 15.4 15.6 17.1

If we don’t have it, we can get your screen within few days

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When replacing a laptop screen, you have to take many things into account but the most important thing is the resolution. also you have to make sure if the screen is a compatible on.

There are 2 kinds of the most popular laptop screens which are: ccfl and led

The ccfl come with and inverter connector on the side that is the one in charged of powering up the light of the screen.

The led technology only comes with the small bottom video connector that provide data and power with the light in the same cable.

Before buying a screen you have to make sure the problem is the screen in many cases the problem comes from the main board or the video cable.


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